My parents keep nagging me to do different things.
My mother doesn’t want me to shift (but sorry mama, my nonmajor status is final lol), my dad wants me to shift immediately (haha with my GWA? papa, dost thou jest?).

I just want to run away. There’re so many things I can’t answer right now. Everyone’s pressuring me into doing something that I can’t.

Sometimes people forget that there are limits to what someone can do. Sure, we can dream all we want, but real life is a bitch most of the time. As much as I want to do things for me, I can’t bear to be that selfish. These people provide for me. They’ve taken care of me my whole life. That’s saying I owe so much to them.

There are times in a person’s life when he has to let go of something he wants very much, something he desires with every fiber of his being.
And I’m not talking about a loved one here.

Other people… They can always turn into strangers no matter how much we know about them. But dreams are different.

So very, very different.